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Free Checking! (Share Drafts Accounts)

Listed below are some additional services included with your checking account.

  • Free Mobile Check Deposit
  • Free Online ACH Origination
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free Visa Check Card (DEBIT CARD)
  • Free ATM Withdrawals (at Allpoint ATMs)
  • Free Starter Checks (with new checking accounts)
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No per-item limit, so write as many checks as you wish!
  • Free Automatic Deposit
  • Free Automatic Debits
  • Overdraft Protection to transfer from accounts to cover checks
  • Free Touch Tone Teller
  • Wire Transfer

Order your Personal or Business Checks

Checks for Less Re-Orders
Please call us at 509-735-8331 directly if this is your first check order with this company, if you need a name or address change or if you don't know the check starting number.

DISCONTINUED: Clarke American - Re-Orders from our previous check printing company.

Please use the new less expensive "Checks for Less" company link above, although you will need to call us if it is your first order with them.  Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Visa Check Cards (DEBIT CARD)

The no-charge check card is a paperless check that debits your checking account. Use your Visa Check Card instead of writing a check wherever the Visa, Exchange, Cirrus or Accel logos are displayed.

You can use it when buying groceries, dining out, shopping at the mall, filling up with gas, or ordering merchandise over the phone. You may also receive cash at automatic teller machines (ATM's). Note: most ATM's located at banks will charge a fee.  To avoid this fee you can get cash back at most grocery stores at no cost, or be sure to use an Allpoint Network ATM machine, which is Surcharge Free for our members! Look for the Allpoint logo:

Using the Visa Check Card is quick and easy. Simply present the card at the checkout counter instead of writing a check. You'll get a receipt to remind you to enter the purchase in your checkbook register. It's that simple.

Your Visa Check Card will allow you access to any business which display's the Visa logo anywhere in the world and the money is taken out of your checking account at TCFCU.

Find The Nearest ATM

(Note: Clicking on the Allpoint search below will take you away from the Credit Union website and we are not responsible for any content you may find
and cannot guarantee the information provided by this other party).


Touch Tone Teller

To conveniently serve you, we provide our members 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week account access with our Touch Tone Teller (TTT) Service - just call 783-1900!.

  • Saves Time - Why drive to and from the CU when you can check savings and/checking balances, make check clearing inquiries or transfer funds? You can do all this from your Touch-Tone phone with TTT.
  • Increase Efficiency - Transactions are made according to your schedule. You can call at your convenience rather than interrupting your busy schedule.>
  • Saves Money - Worried about overdrafts? Want to see if that big check has cleared yet? Has your Payroll Deduction transaction cleared? You can do all this on your time and save money on overdraft fees.
  • Helps with Budgeting - Good money management is staying in touch with your finances. You can get up-to-the-minute account balances, which in turn allows you to make the necessary transfer to ensure a positive balance in your account.
  • Ensures Privacy - With TTT, your finances are confidential. Whatever business you conduct is between you and the TTT. No one else knows what you're doing.

VISA Merchant Services

We offer merchant services for our business checking accounts, so that if someone “swipes” their VISA card at your business the money will come right into your CU account.  Ask for a packet to set you up today!  We charge no “per item” fee for our business checking accounts, only a flat $10/month fee.


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